Da Chen is lecturing and was a teaching assistant in the following courses


CM30080: Computer Vision

Content: Low level vision: Convolution and linear filtering, edge detection and blurring; the role of scale. Morphology. Texture descriptors. Multi-camera vision: Homographies, epipolar geometry, and the fundamental matrix. Mosaicing and 3D reconstruction. Segmentation: Hough transforms, unsupervised clustering, scale sieves. Recognition: The role of prior models: templates, geometry, and statistics.

CM20219: Fundamentals of visual computing

Content: Geometry and 3D Modelling, Rigid Body Transforms in 2D/3D, Affine/Projective Transforms, Surface Modelling, Parametric Curves, Piecewise Modelling and Continuity, Simple Rendering. Image Processing and Low-Level Vision, Image Formation, Linear Filtering, Gradients, Scale, Image Features, Correlation, Matching, Image Warping, Sampling and Aliasing, Mathematical methods for Visual Computing, Linear and Projective Transforms, Convolution, Fourier Transforms, Nyquist Theorem.

Teaching Assistant

CM20220: Fundamentals of Pattern Analysis

CM20215: Software systems development

CM20257: Integrated Project

CM10251: Computing as a Science and Engineering Discipline